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How to Celebrate National Burger Day 2021

Isn’t it great when a holiday is centered around eating tasty food to celebrate? National Burger Day 2021 gives you a chance to praise the iconic hamburger. The yummy patty, traditionally made of beef (but also delicious with other protein options, like bison or tuna!) and sandwiched between two buns deserves recognition. According to National Today, Americans eat an estimated 50 billion burgers a year.

So where did it all start? No one knows for sure who created the popular hamburger. Food historians do agree that the burger was inspired by beef from German Hamburg cows that was minced and combined with spices, including garlic, and formed into patties and cooked and served without bread. These were known as Hamburg steaks.

Legend then has it that German immigrants brought the Hamburg steak to America, where it eventually morphed into the burger we know and love today. This occurred during the Industrial Revolution thanks to a food cart operator who started serving Hamburg steak between two buns to make it easier for factory workers to eat standing up. The food cart operator’s name has sadly been lost to history.

When is National Burger Day?

National Burger Day is on May 28, 2021. The day celebrating hamburgers comes at the end of National Burger Month. May is without a doubt a popular month for hamburger grilling, making one of the last days of the month the perfect time to celebrate sinking your teeth into a tasty burger.

4 Things to Do to Celebrate National Burger Day

Given the fact that burgers are so popular, it only seems right that we should celebrate National Burger Day in a big way. This National Burger Day, show your love of burgers by trying one or more of the following ways to celebrate the popular patty.

1. Make a gourmet burger at home

A homemade burger made with premium ingredients tastes better than anything you can buy. Grilled up at home, your gourmet burger is sure to tingle your taste buds. If you don’t have a grill, your burger can taste just as good cooked on a skillet. And if you’re vegan, there are plenty of meatless alternatives to the classic burger.

Some tasty additions sure to create the ultimate gourmet burger include added ingredients like bacon, blue cheese, onion rings and mushrooms, as well as tasty sauces like barbecue and aioli. Use your imagination and try making a few different burger variations to find your favorite.

If meat isn’t your thing, whip up some gourmet vegan patties. Some tasty versions feature mushrooms, corn, tofu, garbanzo beans, and lentils.

2. Host a burger cookoff

If you’re going to be making your own burgers anyway, why not make it a fun competition? Invite friends and family over to bring their favorite burger styles, along with portable grills. Then elect some judges, and let the fun begin.

Have the head judge turn on a stopwatch and give contest participants 30 minutes to make the ultimate burgers. Then have the judges taste their creations and decide which burger is the best. End the celebration by eating up the contest entries. If you want a surefire win, feel free to use our DIY Burger Kit (we won’t tell!).

3. Challenge yourself to eat burgers all day long

In the true spirit of National Burger Day, vow to eat burgers all day long on May 28th. Start out with a burger patty breakfast, have a double stack burger for lunch, and finish with a gourmet burger for dinner.

If you’d rather not eat red meat all day, chow down on burgers made with alternative ingredients like turkey, chicken, bison, and meatless, vegan varieties. Either way, you can end the day knowing you did your part to celebrate this most auspicious of holidays.

4. Visit your favorite local burger joint

Last but not least, if you simply don’t feel like cooking, visit your go-to burger joint for a hassle-free meal. At Hopdoddy, we’ll be marking the occasion of National Burger Day and Memorial Day by donating a percentage of proceeds from sales all weekend (May 28th through the 31st) to the Seal Legacy Foundation, a charity that provides support to families of wounded and fallen U.S. Navy Seals.

Visit us at any of our locations in Texas, Arizona, California, Colorado, or Tennessee to enjoy a delicious burger made with unique and quality ingredients.

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