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Hopdoddy Sauce Hacks To Level Up Other Foods

Hop Sauce Hacks to Level Up Other Foods

Not to brag, but our Hop Sauces are not only delicious, but also versatile. With the list below, you’ll discover new ways to upgrade a variety of foods with Hop Sauces, making them even tastier. From vegetables to chicken to desserts, there’s a use and food for everyone.


Spicy Ketchup

Our favorite way to start the morning is with some eggs (or egg tacos) topped with our Spicy Ketchup. With the new trend of combining ketchup and hot sauce, it seems like other people like this mix as well. It’s a fantastic way to kick off the day and put you in a good mood!

Truffle Aioli

While we stand by the statement that Truffle Aioli makes everything better, fries with it on top have to be at the top of your list. It can also be used with vegetables, boiled eggs, or shellfish, so get creative with how you mix the flavors.

With veggies & salads

Vegetable platters

When using our sauces, it might be obvious to use them as dips for vegetable platters. For others, this might be a whole new world of opportunities. Pick your flavor (or flavors) and mix and match with different vegetable options. While we still think our burgers are the best vehicle for them, it’s refreshing and healthy to have some celery or carrots with them every now and then as well.

Salad dressing

Speaking of nutritious options, doubling the sauces as a salad dressing for your lunch is also a great way to add some flavor. Add a little kick with our Yay! Oli sauce or add some of our more mild and tried and true Sassy Sauce. Not only is it great for changing up your salads, but it might even get kids who resist salad and vegetables to try it out.

Potato salad

First of all, yes, potatoes are technically vegetables (and they happen to be our favorite, especially Chipperbec potatoes). Whether potato salad can be classified as a “salad” is another conversation entirely. However, using our Hop Sauces to add to a potato salad is guaranteed to add some more flavor of your choice to a get-together or lunch and put your own spin on it.

Mashed potatoes

Sticking with the potatoes theme, a secret ingredient for creamy, delicious mashed potatoes is actually mayonnaise. Because several of our sauces start from mayo, this is also a perfect way to spice up this classic side dish. Even if you’re just looking for the traditional taste, our Sassy Sauce can give you that smooth texture and flavor.

With chicken, fish, & other meats


Not only can Hop Sauces be used in meatloaf as a binding agent to keep all the deliciousness packed together, it can also be used in (or on its own) for the glaze. Our Sassy Sauce will prevent your meatloaf from falling apart and keep it moist and tender, or use our Slow Burn to spice up a traditional glazing.

Roast chicken/turkey

Similar to mashed potatoes, mayonnaise (or our sauces) are the key to perfecting roast chicken and turkey as well. By covering it in sauce, it will baste while roasting and will prevent it from drying out. This means that you can make the perfect chicken for lunch or turkey for Thanksgiving that stays delicious, while also getting the added flavor of one of our sauces.

Grilling fish

Another use for Hop Sauces are for grilling fish. Not only does it flavor and keep the meat tender like the chicken and turkey, but it also helps prevent sticking to the grill better than oil. Fish is a very delicate type of meat so falling apart when it’s time to flip or remove is common. Avoid this by brushing your fish with your sauce of choice before throwing it on the grill.

With sandwiches

There are a number of sandwiches that are great for using Hop Sauces on, whether our Sweet Heat, Yay! Oli, or Truff Stuff. BLT’s, ham and cheese, and chicken salad sandwiches all taste even better with a Hop Sauce added. However, one of the best and maybe less obvious is using them on grilled cheese to get a perfectly golden and crispy bread. By spreading a sauce on the bread before putting on the skillet, it will have a crunchier surface texture while keeping the fluffier interior.

With sides or a dessert

Deviled eggs

One of our favorite snacks to spice up with some Hop Sauces are deviled eggs. By swapping the mayonnaise out of the filling and using Sweet Heat for instance, you can customize the flavor to how you want it and make these snacks even more irresistible.

Mexican street corn

One of the most delicious foods (that can also double as a dip, casserole, and more) that we can think of is Mexican street corn. What’s even better about it is that the sauce can be taken to the next level with some Hop Sauce flavoring. Whether you eat this on the cob, bake it into a casserole, or keep some leftovers for a dip, this snack is perfect for pairing with a salad or sandwich from earlier.

Or have it on a Hopdoddy burger

While there are nearly endless possibilities for using Hop Sauces, our favorite is still on a Hopdoddy burger. Whether in person at one of our locations or making your own at home, our burgers are designed and crafted to complement the flavors of the ingredients to give you the best burger possible.

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