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Supplier Spotlight: Chipperbec Potatoes

Supplier Spotlight: Chipperbec Potatoes

At Hopdoddy, we don’t keep our values and what we stand for a secret. That’s why it’s important to us to find partners who not only have the highest-quality processes and best-tasting products, but also those that share our vision and hold themselves to a higher standard. That’s where Chipperbec Potatoes come in; they make it possible to serve you the most mouthwatering fries available.

If you’ve had our fries, you can thank Chipperbec for perfecting their process and craft over the past 40 years. This allows them to provide an unparalleled farm-to-table experience that we’re proud to be a part of.

Who is Chipperbec?

So you may be asking yourself, “ok so they grow potatoes, what’s exciting about that?” But Chipperbec doesn't grow just any old potatoes. They grow chipping potatoes that are specifically for making into chips and french fries and Chipperbec is the largest chipping potato operation in the United States. Stretching across both the US and Canada, they don't just grow the potatoes, they also pack and ship them directly to restaurants like us, removing the middleman and giving you fresher food.

Chipperbec isn’t new to this business either — they’re actually six generations of potato growers who are passionate about values that Hopdoddy also champions. We both prioritize customer satisfaction above almost all else and have strict requirements for what represents our brand. We partner with like-minded companies to ensure that the food you love not only tastes good, but is high-quality and ethically-sourced.

Speaking of ethics, Chipperbec also works towards making their facilities and processes more sustainable and environmentally-friendly without the use of GMOs. That means that you can enjoy our fries knowing that they’re from a family-owned, exceptional, and sustainable business.

Why are their potatoes so special?

We’ve talked about how great of a partner Chipperbec is, but what about their potatoes make them so good? Well, the six generations of potato growers happen to have a bit of knowledge and experience on this subject.

They’ve perfected their process through rigorous harvesting and selecting practices for their own seeds, which have unique characteristics like low sugar, high solids, and low moisture. If you want fluffy and crispy fries, those traits are exactly how you get them. These processes and their adherence to US #1 Process Potato Grade specifications ensure that everything planted, grown, and delivered is high-grade and reliable for restaurants and consumers.

This reliability is also core to their vision for Chipperbec, with their potatoes being supplied year-round and the same consistent quality we’ve come to expect from them. All of their experience, focus on quality, dependability, and potatoes that are specifically grown for french fries give you, the customer, the best experience and food possible.

Experience how Chipperbec makes Hopdoddy fries even better

While we can talk about how amazing Chipperbec and Hopdoddy fries are, there’s only one way to find out for yourself. Perfect for combining with a Piedmontese beef burger and one of our numerous beers on tap, we have a variety of types of fries on our menu to share with others or keep all for yourself. From those mouthwatering Truffle Fries to our loaded Nacho Fries, stop by a Hopdoddy and taste the difference Chipperbec Potatoes make today!

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