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Customize Your Order For Dietary Lifestyles

Customizing Your Hopdoddy Order for Dietary Preferences

There’s a wide variety of reasons why people try different food plans. Allergies, health trends, personal values, and much more go into someone’s decision to choose certain groups of food products/ingredients. Whatever your reasons, we believe it shouldn’t get in the way of enjoying a great meal. This is why our burgers and other menu items can be customized to comply with an array of dietary restrictions or preferences — so you don’t have to give up delicious food.


Vegetarianism primarily focuses on eating plants for all food. This includes fruits and vegetables, but also beans, grains, nuts, seeds, and more. However, there is a lot of open-endedness in what “vegetarian” is, so there’s a range of subcategories. One group (lacto-ovo vegetarians) eat both dairy and eggs, while lacto-vegetarians don’t eat eggs but do consume dairy products. Vegans are on the opposite end of the spectrum from lacto-ovo vegetarians, but we’ll discuss that variation in its own section below.

We love burgers and thankfully, it’s still possible to enjoy them without eating meat. Hopdoddy makes our own in-house veggie patties that are preferred by many of our vegetarian and vegan guests. We use a freshly-baked egg bun for many of our burgers, but you can swap this out for a vegan whole wheat bun, lettuce wrap, or gluten-free bun if you fall into the lacto-vegetarian category. For our burgers that have other meats (like bacon), we always give you the choice to remove them if you’d like.

While pescatarian is not vegetarian, we also offer a sushi-grade tuna patty in addition to our veggie patty.


As mentioned above, veganism is a subcategory of vegetarianism. Vegan lifestyles don’t involve any animal-based products, such as food with eggs, dairy, and honey. As with most other vegetarians, vegans focus on fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and beans for meals.

The same modifications for vegetarian preferences are available to vegans, but we also have more choices to customize and fit your needs. In addition to swapping out the beef, bison, or chicken patty and freshly-baked egg bun, you can also substitute cheese, mayo, or any other non-vegan ingredients with our vegan options.


Before its widespread increase in popularity in recent years, this food plan was primarily for those with celiac disease, or an intolerance to gluten. It excludes foods that contain gluten (duh), which can be found in wheat, barley, and rye. Because of how common wheat is in so many food products, a gluten-free lifestyle can be difficult to participate in.

Hopdoddy actually has an entire menu dedicated to gluten-free versions of our items. From burgers to fries to salads and shakes, you can find your favorite meal made without gluten. Another way to order Hopdoddy without gluten is to customize your burger with a gluten-free bun, lettuce wrap, or make it a bowl.


The ketogenic, or keto diet, focuses on getting more calories from protein and fat than carbohydrates. Similar to the Atkins and low-carb food plans, it significantly cuts back on carb consumption and replaces it with fat so that the body is forced to burn fat for energy rather than glucose (sugar). A rough breakdown of intake composition for keto is typically 80% fat, 15% protein, and 5% carbs.

To add more fat to your Hopdoddy order, you can add avocado and/or a fried egg. Our burgers also usually feature mouthwatering cheeses (Tillamook pepper jack, creamy goat cheese, and blue cheese just to name a few) that play into your fat/carb balance. Seafood is almost entirely carb-free, so a tuna patty and replacing your bun with a lettuce wrap significantly cuts down your carb intake. Did you know you could make any burger into a bowl?


A paleolithic, or paleo diet, emulates the food consumption habits of prehistoric humans who were generally hunters and gatherers. This means no food products that require agriculture or farming such as grains, sugar, dairy, salt, and any processed foods. A standard paleo plan consists of 60% meat and 40% vegetables, including nuts and seeds.

Get rid of the grains in your Hopdoddy meal by replacing the bun with a lettuce wrap, and remove dairy products like cheese from your burger. Our bison patty, which is leaner than beef, and our tuna patty can be the base of your own paleo burger. Adding avocado is another great way to add some flavor and stick to the paleo lifestyle.

Make your Hopdoddy order your own, no matter how you eat

Your food preferences are a personal choice, but it doesn’t mean that you have to give up Hopdoddy burgers, fries, and salads. Hopdoddy is your go-to burger restaurant for all dietary lifestyles and preferences. Whether you choose not to eat meat, gluten, carbs, or dairy, Hopdoddy can make you a delicious meal that follows your needs. Get started on your custom order today.

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