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Supplier Spotlight: Beyond Meat

Supplier Spotlight: Beyond Meat

The patty is arguably the most important component of a great burger -- it is the base for a wide variety of delicious topping options. We were looking for opportunities to expand our patty  options for flexitarian, plant-based, vegan & vegetarian lifestyles beyond our delicious Veggie Burger. The answer: a new partnership with Beyond Meat.

Who is Beyond Meat?

Beyond Meat offers plant-based options for beef, sausage, chicken -- and yes, that includes juicy, flavorful burger patties. Their mission is to provide plant-based options that are not only delicious but are also better for people and the planet while shifting away from practices that harm animal welfare.

An important part of why we love having Beyond Meat as our plant-based burger partner is that their new burger patties are non-GMO and are the highest-quality option available on the market. This is exactly what Hopdoddy strives for in our guest experience, as we talked about in our spotlight of Certified Piedmontese’s incredible beef. We’re also excited to be one of the first restaurant groups to offer their even-meatier, even-juicer new Beyond Burger.

Why is their plant-based meat the best option?

With more protein and iron than traditional 80/20 ground beef, no GMOs (or antibiotics and hormones), no cholesterol, and 35% less total and saturated fat, Beyond Meat is committed to creating a delicious, plant-based burger option -- no sacrifice required. Additionally, a Beyond Burger uses considerably less land, energy, water, and greenhouse gases than a traditional beef burger.

While all of these things exemplify why we love partnering with a brand who aligns themselves with many of our same values, we’d be remiss not to mention the deliciousness of a Beyond Burger.  Not only does it taste just like a traditional burger, but the texture is also crafted to be just like its beef counterpart. This means that it tastes like and has the mouthfeel of a beef burger but with all the additional benefits that Beyond Meat brings to the table (pun intended). On top of that, Beyond Meat is always innovating and perfecting their recipes and working on new products -- in fact, the Beyond Burger was first introduced in 2016 and with each iteration, it gets even better in taste and nutrition.

But don’t just take our word for it, Beyond Meat products have thousands of reviews across Amazon with an average rating above 4 ½ stars, and People magazine recently named the new Beyond Burger its best plant-based burger. In addition, food outlets and restaurants have praised Beyond Meat’s quality and taste for years, which is why we’re excited to have them as a partner.

Experience the Beyond difference for yourself

The only way to see for yourself though, is to try it. Thankfully, our August Burger of the Month is the new Beyond a Reuben, a Beyond Burger patty topped with pastrami spiced mushrooms, gruyere cheese, Dijon mustard, sauerkraut, pickles and Russian dressing on a fresh baked caraway seeded bun. The Beyond Burger patty can also be substituted on any of our other burgers on the menu, in case you have another choice that’s your go-to. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or just wanting to try a plant-based burger, you’ll love Beyond Meat in a Hopdoddy burger. You can try the Hopdoddy Beyond a Reuben or any other Beyond Burger builds at one of our locations. Make sure to pick up some delicious truffle or nacho fries and a cold margarita while you’re there!

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