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2022 UT Football Game Day & Tailgating Guide

Guide to Texas Longhorns’ 2022 Football Game Days & Tailgating

Hopdoddy is an Austin brand through and through, and we’re proud to call this city our home. A huge part of Austin culture is the UT football experience, and we want to do our part in bringing more people to games. That’s why we’ve created this guide to tailgating and game days in Austin!

Come early, be loud, stay late, wear orange. A common slogan used by our home football team and their fans here in Austin, this encompasses the diehard passion for Longhorns football. With Steve Sarkisian at the helm and Arch Manning’s recent commitment to the school, this is an incredibly exciting time to be a UT Football fan. But for those new to Texas football, all of the passion and traditions can be pretty overwhelming, whether you’re a freshman, just visiting, or simply wanting to go to more games. Because of this, we’re here to break it down for anyone wanting to join the Longhorns family and experience the unbelievable atmosphere.

With the 2022 season almost upon us, let’s start at the beginning. UT’s schedule for this year’s home games are:

  • Sep. 3: ULM
  • Sep. 10: Alabama
  • Sep. 17: UT San Antonio
  • Oct. 1: West Virginia
  • Oct. 15: Iowa State
  • Nov. 12: TCU
  • Nov. 25: Baylor

Tickets for single home games go on sale in August, but you can purchase season tickets, Pick 3 Passes, and Flex Passes right now through the Longhorns’ website. Like most big football schools, tickets sell out quickly so make sure you get yours early!

Tailgating before the game

So now you know what games you’re going to, what should you plan for tailgating? Parking lots open at 7am on Saturday, and lots of fans are already there to start setting up as soon as the gates open. This is why it’s important for you to go into Saturday with a plan for the day, otherwise you might not know when or where to go for all of the activities and the actual game. Some of our favorite tailgating spots to hang out at before kickoff include:

Bevo Boulevard

The first spot on most peoples’ lists, Bevo Blvd. takes over a section of San Jacinto Blvd. just south of DKR Texas Memorial Stadium and is a free party for everyone, no game tickets required. Here, you can experience the street parade and Bevo’s arrival (we’ll discuss later), greet the team before kickoff, soar down a 180-foot zipline, enjoy some of the best food trucks in Austin, play a variety of games, and much more.

Longhorn City Limits

Austin is known as The Live Music Capital of the World for a reason and Longhorn City Limits lives up to this name, featuring live concerts on the LBJ Lawn all day, as well as Texas-themed cocktails, silent discos, a ferris wheel, and carnival games. Like Bevo Boulevard, this is basically right next to the stadium, so it’s a short trip inside for kickoff.

Scholz Garten

Opening three hours before kickoff on home game days, Scholz Garten is the largest and longest-running tailgate in Texas. It also has plenty of live music and great food, but there is a tailgating fare for those interested in attending.

What to expect at the game

Once it’s time to head from the tailgate party into the stadium, there are some things to keep in mind and expect for pre-game and during the game. With so much history and tradition, it can be easy to immediately look and feel like the odd man out, so use this guide to get up to speed.

Stay cool

Before we go into chants and mascots and traditions, one of the most important keys is to stay cool. Whether you bring a mini fan, put on lots of sunscreen, wear a hat, or all of the above, you’ll thank us later for this point. Most of the tailgating spots at UT aren’t on grass or in the shade, so it pays to stay cool and avoid being bright red by the end of the day.

Hook ‘em Horns

The iconic hand symbol of UT, you’re probably already familiar with this if you’ve ever seen Longhorn football or been to Austin. Originally created by head cheerleader Harley Clark in 1955, this is something you’ll be doing a lot on Saturdays, and will even see shirts, hats, bumper stickers, and much more with the symbol.

Wear burnt orange & white

Another seemingly obvious note is to make sure you’re wearing burnt orange and/or white. Nothing will make you stick out like a sore thumb more than being the only person in a sea of 100,000 fans not wearing these colors. These are also steeped in history and date all the way back to 1885, when students stopped at a store to get ribbons for the crowd at a baseball game. The colors that had the most stock were orange and white, and the school officially adopted the colors in 1900. Since then, the orange has occasionally alternated between a brighter orange and the current burnt orange, which more closely resembles the color of a football.

Touchdowns with Bevo

Marching into DKR Texas Memorial Stadium behind the band and cheerleaders, Bevo the Texas Longhorn steer is UT’s beloved mascot. According to the school, his name comes from “beeve” (a plural form of “beef”) and adding “o” to the end. In UT’s history, there have been 15 different Bevos, meaning that Bevo XV is who you’ll see at games nowadays. He runs out of the smoke to make his entrance before the game and watches from his pen behind the southern endzone, where he can eat and drink, take pictures, and occasionally greet Texas players after they score touchdowns.

Big Bertha & Smokey the Cannon

As we mentioned, Longhorns like to be loud for games. This is backed up by Big Bertha, the world’s largest bass drum (500 pounds and 8 feet wide), which requires a team of five to operate. The other big booms you might notice during games are from Smokey the Cannon, which sits in the southeast corner of the stadium and was built in the 1950s. Smokey discharges four 10-gauge shotgun shells simultaneously and is fired at kickoff, the end of each quarter, and the end of every Texas football game.

Sing along to “Texas Fight!”

One song you’ll want to be aware of (if not learn the lyrics to) for game day is “Texas Fight!” This is the official fight song and is sung after touchdowns. The lyrics for it can be found below:

Texas Fight! (sung to a fast tempo version of Taps)

Texas Fight, Texas Fight, and it’s goodbye to A&M.

Texas Fight, Texas Fight, and we’ll put over one more win.

Texas Fight, Texas Fight, for it’s Texas that we love best.

(YELL) Give ’em hell! Give ’em hell! Go Horns go!

And it’s goodbye to all the rest!


Yea Orange! Yea White!

Yea Longhorns! Fight! Fight! Fight!

Texas Fight! Texas Fight! Yea Texas Fight!

Texas Fight! Texas Fight! Yea Texas Fight!

The Eyes of Texas are upon you,

All the livelong day.

The Eyes of Texas are upon you,

You cannot get away.

Texas Fight, Texas Fight,

For it’s Texas that we love best.

(YELL) Give ‘em hell! Give ’em hell! Go Horns go!

And it’s goodbye to all the rest!

Post-game celebrating

The celebrations don’t end when you leave the stadium though — Austin is full of bars, restaurants, and spots on campus to round out the day and enjoy food and beers. If you’re staying near campus to celebrate, our location at the Triangle shopping center is just a few miles north of the stadium. If you’re looking to go bar hopping around the famous 6th or Rainey Street, our Plaza Saltillo restaurant is right there. We have cold drinks, delicious burgers, and much more for you to enjoy with friends and family after a big win, so stop by after a game this season!

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