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Hopdoddy Continues to Raise the Burger Bar

Austin-based Hopdoddy Burger Bar has signed an exclusive partnership with Certified Piedmontese, a purveyor of beef that comes from cattle that are humanely raised on family ranches across the Midwest.

"It's been a tough year for the restaurant industry, but we're proud to be able take this next step as we embark on our 10th year of business," Hopdoddy CEO Jeff Chandler said in a company press release. "For years, we've searched for a like-minded partner that aligns with our fanatical quality standards. Certified Piedmontese's dedicated approach aligns with Hopdoddy's standards and mirrors our brand in every way — we're excited to share this new product with our guests."

Certified Piedmontese raises a rare, heritage breed beef through a ranch-to-table method that ensures traceability, environmental sustainability, humane animal handling and responsible resource management at every step, according to the release. The beef is Verified All-Natural, hormone-, steroid- and antibiotic-free and non-GMO. It's also an ideal source for higher protein, less fat and fewer calories per ounce, making it a more heart-healthy product than other beef.

"We are happy to work with such a connected and thoughtful purveyor like Certified Piedmontese," Matt J Schweitzer Jr., senior director of Food and Beverage of Hopdoddy Burger Bar, said in the press release. "They control every step of the process, starting by growing their own non-GMO feed for the cattle to the patty making and packaging before it reaches Hopdoddy's kitchens."

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