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Supplier Spotlight: RedBird Farms

RedBird Farms is dedicated to bringing the finest, freshest chicken to your table while ensuring the well-being of both our chickens and our team. Since the 1940s, RedBird Farms has grown and expanded, but our commitment to quality and integrity has remained steadfast. They believe in the traditional way of processing chicken, resting our birds for at least 6-8 hours after harvest. This careful process guarantees the most tender and juicy chicken you'll ever taste.

At RedBird Farms, we pride ourselves on feeding our chickens an all-vegetarian diet and ensuring there are No Antibiotics Ever (NAE). This commitment to natural, healthy feeding practices results in superior chicken that is both delicious and wholesome. Our chickens are hand-cut by a talented team of cutters. This hands-on approach ensures each piece of chicken is prepared with the utmost care and attention to detail.

As a privately held family company under the same ownership for 30 years, we take pride in our heritage and our commitment to quality. Established in 1949, RedBird Farms has been owned by Mareo Torito since 1990. Mareo is a shining example of the American dream, having worked his way up from being a butcher to starting a restaurant business, and ultimately owning RedBird Farms.

Family values are at the core of RedBird Farms' philosophy for success. Since our inception, our strength has always been centered on people. High employee retention has created a strong, family-oriented work environment. Approximately 60% of RedBird Farms employees have been with us for eight years or more, with production supervisors averaging ten years or more. Our longest-serving employee has been with us for 39 years! This longevity reflects a company that values its staff above all else, resulting in a skilled and experienced team that produces the best product.

This emphasis on people is the hallmark of RedBird Farms' operations. We are progressive in our product line but remain consistent with our personnel. Our powerful team has driven RedBird Farms towards innovative changes while maintaining our traditional values.

Proud of our heritage and part of the Colorado Proud program, RedBird Farms is also committed to giving back to our community. We have partnered with many charitable organizations and strongly believe in giving back: as Thomas Fuller says, “Charity begins at home, but should not end there.”

Stay in touch with our community partnerships by following us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. RedBird Farms is eager to continue feeding the needs of those who need it most, all while providing the highest quality chicken to nourish your family and fill your soul. From our family to yours, enjoy the best chicken that RedBird Farms has to offer and experience the difference quality makes. RedBird Farms is what REAL chicken tastes like.

Visit our website at www.redbirdfarms.com

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