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The Nation's Restaurant News Menu Masters Event stands as a beacon of culinary innovation and excellence in the dynamic world of dining. Every year, this highly anticipated gathering brings together industry leaders, chefs, and restaurateurs to celebrate the creative minds behind some of the most inspiring menus in the foodservice landscape. From fine dining establishments to fast-casual chains, the Menu Masters Event recognizes the ingenuity and dedication of those who continually push the boundaries of gastronomy, setting trends and delighting palates around the globe.

At the heart of the Menu Masters Event is a celebration of diversity and creativity in menu development. Through awards ceremonies, panel discussions, and culinary showcases, attendees gain valuable insights into emerging trends, innovative techniques, and the evolving preferences of diners. This event not only honors the achievements of visionary chefs and establishments but also fosters a vibrant community of culinary professionals dedicated to shaping the future of dining.

Hopdoddy's burger of the month Lambda Lambda was selected as best limited time offer. This was Hopdoddy’s feature for January 2022, and it brought a variety of global flavors to a meat that is still not often seen in burgers. With ingredients including lamb, grilled halloumi cheese, muhammara - a spicy red pepper spread, arugula, salsa verde, and pomegranate seeds.

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