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How To Celebrate National Margarita Day

How to Celebrate National Margarita Day 2022

Dating back to the 1930s, margaritas have become a staple for good times across the globe. Most likely originated by Carlos "Danny" Herrera in 1938, the margarita was actually created for a specific customer who was allergic to many spirits, but not tequila. Since then, it’s only grown in popularity; in fact, according to a 2021 survey, margaritas are the most popular mixed drink in the U.S. This is why it’s no wonder that people love National Margarita Day, so let’s learn more about it, our favorite margarita story, and how to celebrate.

When is National Margarita Day?

National Margarita Day is on February 22nd every year. This year, it occurs on Tuesday 2/22/22, so we’d like to think that makes it even more special and worth celebrating. As to why it’s in February, nobody really knows. Perhaps it’s a sign that winter is coming to an end and summer weather and drinks (like the margarita) are around the corner.

The story of Hopdoddy’s Lil Larry

One of our most iconic drinks that we often get questions about is the Lil Larry. The story goes that Larry, one of Hopdoddy’s founders, had spent decades refining his perfect frozen margarita recipe and would often stop by Hopdoddy to get a nightcap. With his experience trying different margarita variations and because it was just before bed (and therefore didn’t want a large drink), he asked the bartender for just a taster of the classic frozen margarita topped with Grand Marnier. Over time, the bartenders knew that it was his go-to and the ‘Lil Larry’ name was coined.

How to celebrate National Margarita Day

Whether you grab a Lil Larry or another recipe, there are countless ways to celebrate this day. Whether you’re at home, going out, or anything in between, here are some of our favorites:

Margarita night at home

The past few years have needed creative solutions to celebrate National Margarita Day. While we’re hoping to be rounding the final corner of quarantining, putting together an at-home Margarita Night can be just as fun as going out. In fact, our 1/2 gallon bag of the classic Frozen House Margarita is ready to drink and makes it as easy as pouring into a glass and salting the rim. Having friends over to make your own unique margaritas or test out new rims can make for a tasty and memorable party for the holiday. Whether you bring your own ingredients to make from scratch or grab our Marg Mix, I Like it On the Rocks, or frozen Roadie from our pantry, put your own spin on it! Learn some tips and tricks for this from Chef Matt:

Upgrade Your Roadie

Happy Hour with margs

If you’re going out, look for Happy Hours that have margaritas to celebrate the holiday with other like-minded people. As we’ve mentioned, they’re incredibly popular drinks so finding delicious ones at a discount shouldn’t be too hard. We’re a little biased but our Happy Hour (currently only at Austin locations) features $5 house margs, among other drinks and snacks so stop by!

Tacos & margaritas

Arguably the perfect duo, tacos and margaritas have always gone hand in hand. Whether you’re making your own or going out to get some, this power couple is sure to take your National Margarita Day to the next level. Experiment with new ingredients and find a new variation of both to share with others.

Blended or on the rocks, Hopdoddy’s got you covered

We know that the debate between blended and on the rocks margaritas is intense, so we have options for both sides on our menu (and our Roadie can be made for either). Also, while our margaritas are delicious, from the Big House Rita to the Skinny Dip to the Doble, remember to drink responsibly so you can get the most enjoyment out of the holiday.

No matter what you prefer and whether you’re going out or staying in, we can all agree that margaritas are one of the best reasons for a holiday and it’s a great opportunity to have fun and good drinks. Salud!

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