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How To Celebrate National Margarita Day

How To Celebrate National Margarita Day: Deals and DIYs

Why waste away in Margaritaville when you can taste away from a masterful marg menu on National Margarita Day? Whether you’re a master mixologist or a celebratory sipper, we’ve got all the details on how to celebrate the most popular mixed drink in the U.S. on its very own, very special holiday. 

Although the origins of the margarita itself is a big, salty mystery — no one knows who actually invented the popular cocktail or what’s in it at any given watering hole — most origin stories date it back to the 1930s, attributed to various characters. But we know for certain that it was Mariano Martinez who gifted marg lovers everywhere the first frozen margarita machine in the 1970s. 

When Is National Margarita Day in 2023? 

Move over Mardi Gras! National Margarita Day 2023 falls on the very next day — Wednesday, February 22nd. On this day, we shall raise our glasses to the holiday’s founder, Todd McCalla, who admits he invented the holiday on a whim because he “got frustrated with all the low-quality mixes with high-fructose corn syrup” (we hear you, Todd!) 

As for the significance of 2/22, Todd says February is a “sad, gray time of year for people and it'd be worth brightening it up with a margarita.” Who can argue with that? If your life revolves around margaritas (no judgement here!), mark your calendar with the day of the week National Margarita Day falls on each year: 


Day of the Week















How To Celebrate National Margarita Day

Hopdoddy may be best known for our bodacious burgers, but we know how to mix a mouthwatering margarita, too! We want to be your National M-Day HQ with our Happy Hour Margarita Day specials or our portable Roadies or to-go mixes. So whether you’re staying in or venturing out, here are the best ways to celebrate National Margarita Day near you . 

Hit Up Happy Hour With Margs

There’s no better time or place to shout, “Happy Margarita Day!” than at Happy Hour at Hopdoddy. Finding old and new friends who live for magnificent margs as much as you do is just as fun as finding a delicious discount—and our $5 house margarita deals check all of the boxes.

Once you’ve primed your palate with the house marg Hoppy Hour deal and you’re ready to branch out a little, it’s time to try Hopdoddy’s full collection of specialty margaritas. Indulge in the Skinny Dip, a Corona-infused frozen marg, or become besties with the Big Larry, generously topped with Grand Marnier. 

Tacos Burgers + Margaritas = Happiness

Tacos and tequila are for Tuesdays and traditionalists. For the more adventurours, the sweet ‘n’ salty tang of a masterful margarita pairs perfectly with a hot, savory burger. There’s nothing like an ice-cold marg to cool the burn of Hopdoddy’s hottest burgers — we recommend the Llano Poblano burger with pepperjack cheese, poblanos, and chipotle aioli or the El Diablo burger with pepperjack, habaneros, serranos, and salsa roja to give you the south-of-the-border vibes this National Margarita Day.

Make It Margarita Night at Home

If you’re stuck working the next day (why, oh why isn’t National Margarita Day a Federal holiday?) or want to skip the raucous crowds, invite a few friends over, and host your own Margarita Day celebration at home

Hopdoddy knows the debate between blended and on-the-rocks margaritas is as intense as the Texas vs. Texas A&M question, so we have options for both sides. Pick up a half-gallon bag of Hopdoddy’s ready-to-drink classic Frozen House Margarita for no-fuss blended margs, and grab one each of our Proper Marg Mix and our Doble Fina ‘I Like It On The Rocks’ mix. Offer up a variety of sweet, salty, and spicy rim options, and you’ve got yourself a party (don’t forget the rocks!)  For an extra-special spin on the classics, check out Chef Matt’s expert tips and tricks on how to upgrade your Roadie, and encourage your guests to put their own mark on their margarita madness.

Eat, Drink, and Be Marg-y

As National Margarita Day founder Todd says, “Friendship, good times, and memories of somewhere warmer are all great reasons to enjoy a margarita.” We completely agree — and we can even list a hundred more great reasons to make merry with a margarita. Whatever your margarita motivation is this year, stop searchin’ for that lost shaker of salt, and leave it Hopdoddy to make it memorable. And please drink ‘em responsibly so you can get the most out of the holiday (and make it to work intact on Thursday!) 

Happy sipping from Hopdoddy!

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