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Welcome to conservation for the rest of us.

You’re eco-tired. We’re eco-tired. We took the ice out of our iced tea. We got used to the soggy replacement for plastic straws.  We showered with buckets to water our plants. Let’s get real.

Not all of us can afford electric cars or smart homes. Or quit our jobs to start a farm. We say, cut the bull crap. Want to stop climate change for good? Just eat.

Upgrade to Hopdoddy regeneratively raised 100% grass fed burger and you’re jumpstarting a food system proven to cool our planet, purify our air and water, rejuvenate our soil, and raise animals like they deserve. The best part? Mother Nature does all the work to run the ranch and control the thermostat.

It’s easier than biking to work in a blizzard to cut back on your carbon emissions.

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A single order jumpstarts an all-natural food system with mother nature at the helm.

Honest, nutritious, and not served with a side of eco-smugness. Just come in or order out. Take a bite. And you’re saving the planet.

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  • Mother Nature Burger
    100% Grass Fed Pasture Raised Beef patty, Vital Farms pasture raised egg, cheese Frico, caramelized onions, crispy onions & au poivre aioli.
  • Buffalo Bill Burger
    100% Grass Fed Pasture Raised Bison Patty, topped with blue cheese spread, steakhouse bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, buffalo sauce & Doddy Mayo.
  • Swap a Grass-fed Pasture Raised Regenerative Beef or Bison patty into any burger
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Regenerative Agriculture lets Mother Nature run the farm the old-fashioned way. Diversified farms that play along revive barren ecosystems and increase sustainable food output. Feeding us the way only a billion-year-old planet knows how.

  • 01
    Climate Balance

    Healthier, dense soil captures our yearly carbon emissions and traps it all safely in the ground.  It’s Mother Nature’s way of controlling the thermostat.

  • 02
    No lab-grown meat

    Grass-fed meat has more omega-3s and antioxidants. It’s Mother Nature’s finest gourmet dish, not a petri dish. We love science, but we also like our burgers without a side of beaker tubes.

  • 03
    Better animal treatment

    Free range animals have fewer health issues, and we believe they’re far happier than being penned-up in a feedlot.  Oh, and they need fewer antibiotics, if any.  Our animals roam, munch, and thrive like nature designed. It’s more than just free-ranged, it’s animal glamping.

  • 04
    100% grass-fed, grass-raised & Grass-finished

    Our animals aren’t just fit and healthy munchers; they’re ecosystem builders. Grass-fed animals promote biodiverse pastures and reduce erosion. And all that without a single oil change or coal-powered battery recharge.

  • 05
    Restores soil

    Healthy soil holds 20 times its weight in water. Regeneration is its hydration routine, making old soil feel youthful again. Music is a thing around here and we’re all for nature’s top hits, just not soil-draining cover-crops and over-farming.

  • 06
    Clears the air

    A single teaspoon of healthy, biodiverse soil has more organisms than there are people on Earth.  That dense life turns soil into a carbon sponge to scrub our atmosphere.  It’s like Earth’s vacuum with a really long extension cord.

  • 07
    Water conservation

    Microbe-rich, bio-diverse soil captures and purifies water in a time when water delivery for surface watering is getting harder to come by in these drier times

  • 08
    natural pest control

    Soil rich in microbes and fungi naturally repels pests. Our bugs put in double shifts as security, ensuring no trespassers. It’s less about pesticides and more about bug-sticides.

Let's Cut the crap. Just eat.

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